In short: you can do (almost) EVERYTHING with JavaScript. It has truly become the default programming language of the internet. If you plan to learn any language, your best choice is JavaScript.

Things you can do with JavaScript:

So basically any digital product can be created for all major platforms and operational systems using a single language: JavaScript.

But the best part is you can build all of these applications from start to finish using nothing but JavaScript. And that is why no other language has the power to come even close to JavaScript.

Some might say you can build servers with Python for example, but then you need JavaScript on the frontend (user-facing) side. However, when you use JavaScript, you ONLY need JavaScript.

Web Development

Browsers use JavaScript. So whatever language you use to develop other parts of your system, if you use the browser, you will have to use JavaScript.

The only question is: are you using 2 languages instead of one to get the same result?

And let me tell you a little secret: your users do not care what language you used. They only care:

  • is your app useful
  • easy to use
  • is it fast
  • does it have any bugs

And if you use only one language for everything, you can specialize in that language. And being more competent programmer leads to the thing your users care about (faster, more responsive app with fewer bugs).

Mobile App Development

Personally, I started my career as an iOS developer using Objective-C because someone said it was cool. But once I learned about the true power of JavaScript I was willing to let go all my knowledge and start from scratch.

Because I knew I will have the compounding effect long-term if I used the most versatile language. The alternative was to lock myself into one platform and one language.

iOS & Android

If you use JavaScript, you can code the app only once and then just export it to iOS and Android using ReactNative framwork.

Even better you don’t even have to learn this framework too much because it’s basically the same as React framework. And React is used for developing web applications.

So not only that you use the same programming language between different platforms, you also use practically the same codebase everywhere. And this is insanely productive.

And that is why JavaScript developers are one of the most sought-after people. Because entire JS ecosystem is insanely productive.

Why is that important?

Because again, customers don’t care but businesses care a lot. Not about the programming language. Instead, they care about paying twice as much then they should.

To develop both iOS and Android app, the business would need two developers writing in two different programming languages. This would result in doubling the cost of the entire project.

On the other hand, they could just use JavaScript and get two apps for the price of one.

Desktop App Development

Again, you can use JavaScript and specifically Electron framework. And (you guessed it) this framework is:

  • the same as React for web development
  • the same as ReactNative for iOS and Android development

So now you have a single programming language that can share over 90% of the code across all the web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

And no language can compete with that.


Running Servers

To power all of these apps you created from a single codebase, you will need some kind of data storage and a server. Again, you can turn to JavaScript. Specifically, to Node.js.

And the best thing about this entire ecosystem is that a single person can easily build entire product, with all its parts, from start to finish.

You can one language, one syntax to build everything. And you never have to context switch betwwen languages. And you don’t have to learn multiple languages.

JavaScript has everything you need.

What To Learn?

Whenever someone asks what language they should learn, personally I find it unethical to answer anything other than JavaScript.

Because any other language will just be a waste of time for a beginner.

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