Here is a list of simple and fun tutorials in JavaScript that allow you to learn something new. The most important tutorial is saved for last 🙂

Here is a list of contents:

JavaScript game in 53 lines

How to make a game with JavaScript tutorial shows what can be done in only 53 lines. This tutorial and code are made completely from scratch and it shows what can be done.

Wait for loop to finish

JavaScript wait for loop to finish tutorial goes into Promises and how to work with them. Because a lot of times we want to execute a command only after some other asynchronous process has finished.

5 ways to take user input

How to take user input in JavaScript tutorial shows you 5 ways you can take user input. One of the ways I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard before. So if you go through it – you’ll definitely learn something new.

Wait for page to load

JavaScript wait for page to load tutorial shows you two ways you can start executing your JS code only after the page has finished loading. This is important because before you start modifying the HTML, you want to make sure it’s there in the first place.

Easily create a chatbot

JavaScript chatbot tutorial shows you a simple (but very powerful) method of creating a very decent chatbot. It mostly uses the power of JS objects with smart use of key-value pairs.

Create art with JS

Programming for art tutorial is a great intro into what’s possible with a little bit of JavaScript code. It shows that programming can be much more creative process than most people think (including programmers).

JavaScript chess

JavaScript chess tutorial will show you how to create a chess board and chess pieces from scratch using nothing but couple of lines of JavaScript (and some CSS). Many people like chess and this might be your first step before trying to do something more serious like building your own chess engine.


Double your salary page shows why you’re probably severely underpaid as a programmer. And most importantly, you will learn it is possible to increase your salary without doing any extra work. It’s almost like free revenue. Companies will definitely not like this page, but hey… I bet programmers aren’t happy they’re underpaid either 😉