There are two types of productivity: project productivity and personal productivity. And both of these are solvable with better knowledge and better questions.

Everybody talks about better tools/software, but there are far more powerful tools than that. And you will now learn what they are.

Project Productivity

You will get the biggest productivity boost after you learn what to implement and what not to implement. Because being highly productive is not about implementing features and resolving tickets as fast as humanly possible.

Instead, the biggest productivity boost comes from you starting to see the business and customer side of the project.

Then your thinking starts to shift from:

  • how to implement this feature as fast as possible


  • is this feature even needed
  • would another similar feature be better
  • should we change the order of implementing these features
  • could we implement a simpler version of the feature
  • could we implement a more complex version of the feature

Because now you no longer focus on the features. You focus on the customers and the business. And you’re trying to solve their business problems with technology. Instead of just trying to implement features mindlessly.

Personal Productivity

Being ten times more productive developer is great for the company, but will your salary be ten times higher?


This is why I say programmers are one of the most underpaid professionals in the world.

Yes – programmer salaries are high.


Not as high as the productivity you provide.

If you ask the right questions and genuinely provide 10 times more output to the company – then getting a 10% salary increase is a total ripoff!

I noticed this in my career, and it bothered me a lot until I found a solution.

That is why I think any programmer, including you, can at least double your salary without doing much extra.

And that is why this website exists in the first place.