Yes. Learning JavaScript is hard, as it’s the case with all other languages. And the most difficult part is being consistent at learning for long enough so that you become productive and someone wants to hire you.

Individual parts of the language can be learned very easily. For example:

const firstValue = 3;
const secondValue = 4;
const result = firstValue + secondValue;

Now, even if you never coded anything in your life (or even seen any code) – you will be able to guess what this code does and that the result variable is 7.

And entire coding is like that. Just bunch of simple rules that you tend to remember after hundreds of hours of practice.

How To Learn JavaScript Fast?

Just like any other language – you can’t.

You need to practice.

Why do you think companies are paying such high salaries to programmers? Is it because coding is easy and the market is overflowing with software developers?


It’s because very few people persevere long enough to accumulate enough skills to be able to make something useful like an app.

Everyone can learn how to add two numbers up, but that is not enough. You need to learn hundreds of simple rules to become useful.

Those rules are not hard, but perseverance is hard.

Practicing is hard.

Patience is hard.

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