There are no guarantees, but coding can definitely help. Why? Because it increases your productivity overall. It can make you faster than your competitors in whatever you decide to do in your life.

For example, one of my friends used to find awesome real-estate deals:

  • before anyone else
  • using almost zero effort


He used programming.

How To Dominate Real-Estate With Programming?

He first found all the places people posted their houses/apartments. These were big sites, small sites, almost unknown sites – all of them.

Then he coded a fairly small and simple JavaScript/Node.js program which just got all the new listings (from all of these websites). This would run every hour or something like that.

He also filtered those listings based on:

  • size
  • price
  • location
  • etc.

Final result was a simple mail he got every hour (but only if there were new listings that matched his criteria). He didn’t have to spend entire day manually clicking through different websites. He just got a mail with just the perfect matches.

Yes, he spent couple of days making this software, but after that he didn’t have to do anything. The perfect deals came to his phone automatically.

So he was able to snatch all the best deals before anyone else, and he worked less that any of his competitors. They had to spend entire days scrolling and clicking on the web. And if they didn’t find anything, that particular day all their work was pointless.

On the other hand, he just didn’t get any email notification and just continued with his day.

Coding is a superpower.

Higher Salary = Getting Rich Faster

Let’s say you have a salary and you manage to save/reinvest 10% of it. And also let’s say it takes you 40 years to get rich.

Now watch this…

If you raise your salary 10% and save/reinvest this raise, you did not reduce your time to getting rich by 10% – you cut it in half 😲

Because now you’re not saving 10% more, you’re saving twice as much. Because you went from 10% to 20%. So now you only need 20 years to get rich.

But it get’s better…

What if you raised your salary by 30%? You would only need 10 years to get rich.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to double your salary.

And if you decide to become a programmer, then you’re immediately in a better position because your salary is higher on average.

So yeah, coding can definitely increase your chances of getting rich.