Solo developers are missing one of the most important code quality tools: code reviews. And since they don’t have alternative perspective on their code – it must be lower quality by default.

This is why software development is a team work.

Because other people can see the things you missed. And your entire project is going to be higher quality.

High quality leads to more satisfied clients and higher price you can put on your work.

Then Everyone Should Work In A Company?

Not really.

There are certain things you lose when you work as a part of larger team:

  • autonomy
  • making your own schedule
  • full control of the codebase

But there are also things you gain:

  • better code quality
  • faster learning and becoming a better developer
  • more and better ideas


Company is always going to try to pay you as low as possible.

Short-term you’re at a disadvantage. But long-term your skills are growing exponentially and you’ll be able to recuperate your “losses” when you switch to freelancing as a more skilled developer.

Money vs. Growth

So now you found yourself in a tricky situation.

If you want to develop your skills very fast and become a high value developer – you have to work in a company (where the salary is lower).

And if you want to maximize your salary for your (current) skill level – freelancing and working alone is your best option. Unfortunately, your skill level progress is going to suffer.

But what if you could do both?

This article will show you a way that can double your salary while you still work at a company and sharpen your skills.