Companies have a strategic advantage over you. They can ask how much you got paid on your previous job, but you don’t get to know how much they make on the project you’ll be working on.

And that’s just the beginning…

The market is unfair.

But if you have the proper knowledge can easily double your salary without learning anything new.


The first step in getting ahead is realizing the company you’re working for is not your friend.

They are not your enemy either. But… remember… they are not your friend.

And their only goal is to get you to work as much as possible while paying you the least amount possible.


Software is the fastest growing industry in the world.

And this is only possible if the profit margins are insanely high.

But there’s a problem…

If you ask the right questions, you might realize the situation you’re (really) in:

  • what is the project’s budget?
  • what is the deadline?
  • how many people are working on it?

Then you may realize, there’s plenty of profits left on the project…

  • so why are there intentionally too few people on the project?
  • is everything already (intentionally) structured in a way you’ll have to do overtime and pull all-nighters?

All the while, company is bathing in profits while you bathe in stress.

Feeling like YOU didn’t do enough.

Like YOU didn’t work hard enough.

And YOU failed the team.

Do you see how everything is set up against you?

If you are…

…learn how to defend yourself and thrive in this environment – and discover a way to double your salary.

Good luck!