Here are the exact steps you need to go through that every other developer went through as well:

Here are also bonus tips that will help you get a job much more easily.

Pick A Language

As a beginner you have no idea where to start and most people recommend the language they started with (and they stuck with it for better or worse).

That’s why you should listen to me because I’m not attached to any language and I admit when I make a mistake.

And I did make a mistake when I started with Objective-C so I can develop iOS apps.

After investing a year and a half in it, I threw it into trash once I realized JavaScript is a superlanguage.

It can develop:

  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • web apps
  • desktop apps
  • servers

Literally everything you would possibly need and it’s only gaining in popularity.

So if you choose anything else, it will be (objectively) worse decision.

YouTube Tutorials

Go through about 20h of tutorials and get yourself familiar with the basic concepts and syntax of JavaScript.

Do not bother to remember much here. These videos are not meant to teach you anything. Instead just to train your brain to look at the code and make it look “familiar”.

Make Your Project

This is where the actual learning starts.


Do not try to remember anything. It’s a waste of time. Your mind will remember important stuff on its own and forget irrelevant ones (as it should).

Because when you start working on your own project, you will have bunch of questions. And you will search for answers online.

Questions that repeat often, you will remember on your own through repetition (without even trying).

Questions that rarely pop-up are not worth remembering and you can just search for them online when there’s a need for it.

This is literally the fastest way to learn coding.

Apply For Jobs

Once you finish your project and it works, you proved to yourself and others you are a software developer. Because you managed to develop a software.

This is also a great asset you can put next to your job application. And this will give you an advantage over other applicants.

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