Coding is used in most unexpected ways in the real world: managing traffic lights, controlling fuel intake in your car (or even driving your car), in your TV and your phone, etc. In short coding is used EVERYWHERE.

It is really hard to imagine any piece of technology today tat doesn’t use some amount of code. Here is a small list of things that use coding:

  • washing machines
  • TVs
  • all newer fridges
  • optimizing fuel intake for your car
  • electronic stability control to help you steer your car
  • computers and phones
  • drones
  • solar power systems
  • electric bikes
  • controlling traffic lights
  • managing train station traffic
  • finding optimal investment strategies for hedge funds
  • creating AI generated content
  • diagnostic machines in medicine
  • automatic sliding doors
  • printers
  • digital cameras and camcorders
  • digital thermometers
  • water fountains
  • 3D printers and CNC machines
  • all factories
  • all websites and apps
  • etc.

Literally everything that runs on electricity today has some kind of code inside. So no wonder software developers are in such a high demand.

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